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January 9, 2020

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January 27th – 29th 2020

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Learn more about how can maximize your affiliate earnings with our Native Ads and Push Network offerings.

Meet our friendly support team and advertising experts to find out how we can support your revenue goals.

What’s New and Exciting at

Managed Services

Leverage our internal experts to manage your campaigns for FREE!

  • Priority ad reviews/approvals
  • Set up your campaigns for optimal servability
  • Target your campaigns to whitelists with top-converting traffic 
  • Bid Rank Guidance to optimize CPCs to drive volume
  • Set CPC bids by domain to deliver volume to acquire data to best optimize
  • Maintain control of your budget while testing 
  • Leverage KPI data-driven optimizations that meet your ROI goals at scale

Bid by Domain

Optimize bids based on ROI to maximize performance and scale.

  • Adjust CPC bid rates (up or down) at the Domain ID level by device, for each campaign 
  • Increase volume and scale campaigns based on relative campaign ROI performance at the domain ID level
  • Import conversion data into the UI to optimize campaigns
  • Allows lower bids than Campaign minimums

Whitelists & Blocklists

Filter and exclude domain IDs to maximize campaign performance.

  • Optimize your campaigns to narrow in on and target specific domain IDs that meet or exceed your goals and deliver a positive ROI
  • Strategically exclude individual domain IDs that consume a portion of your campaign budget but that don’t deliver a positive ROI for your campaign

Push Notifications Inventory

Run engaging content to opt-in consumers.

  • Serve compelling messages displayed on a user’s device from an app or website
  • Users don’t have to be in an app or on a website to receive the content
  • Reach only users who have installed an app or subscribed through a website
  • Mobile Push Notifications appear like SMS text messages and mobile alerts
  • Desktop Push Notifications appear as a notification on the upper or lower right side of the screen. 
  • Devices Supported:  Chrome and Firefox
  • Browsers Supported: Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Fraud Detection

We’ve partnered with Distil Networks Bot Defense technology to couple with our proprietary systems to deliver higher quality traffic to our advertising partners.

What does Distil Networks provide our advertising partners?

  • Sophisticated domain-specific behavioral modeling and machine learning 
  • Eliminates ad fraud by blocking non-human traffic before it hits your landing page
  • Maintain clean analytic click data
  • Improved Ad CTR accuracy
  • Increases conversion rates and ad revenue
  • Delivers stronger ROI to scale efficiently

See what others have to say about Distil Networks:

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it… see what others have to say about us!

“ is a great partner and a valuable traffic channel for Media Force.

We were impressed with the level of support and availability of our account manager, communication was easy and smooth since the beginning.

Content.Ad is a trusted partner, delivers great performance and high-quality traffic for our O&O products.”

Eyal Moshe

CEO and Founder

“ has been a trusted network and traffic partner for many years.”

We love working with team, because they have very deep analytical and marketing skills and are very easy to work with.

I highly recommend the network as a massive traffic source for all direct response and content marketing campaigns.”

Giedrius Cekanskis

CEO and Founder

We’re committed to improving our network to deliver value to our advertising partners.  We appreciate your business and look forward to strengthening our partnership in 2020.

– The Team